Weight Loss Tablets Are Hazardous To Your Health!

A number of commonly prescribed weight loss tablets have been linked to dangerous side effects, while others can easily become habit forming or abused. Because medications cause changes to a person’s bodily functions, they can also create problems (side effects) if the person’s body reacts negatively to the product. Some side effects are rare, while others are more common, but overlooked because the results that the person is taking the medication is seeking (losing weight) overshadows the side effect.  This can become dangerous (or deadly).

Alli or Xenical contain orlistat, a lipase inhibitor, which has been associated with liver injury in rare cases. But more likely are the following side effects: bladder pain, body aches, chills, cough, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, fever, headache, loss of voice, lower back pain, muscle aches, nasal congestion, nausea, runny nose, sore throat, trouble sleeping, tiredness and sometimes vomiting. 

Weight loss drugs known as sympathomimetic amines are stimulants that can lead to high blood pressure and elevated heart rates.

Topiramate, one of the drugs in the weight loss medication Qsymia, has been link to birth defects in pregnant women taking the product.

As you can see, a number of serious side effects are possible with weight loss tablets, which is why we recommend using more natural methods to losing weight than diet pills and tablets. While proper nutrition and portion controls are the usual ways to control weight along with burning more calories with exercise, sometimes we need a little help to get into the right habits. The SlimRoast coffee that Yvonne and I are drinking each morning is helping us control our appetite and avoid the snacks that used to cause us to gain weight.

Micheal Savoie, Really?

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