Weight Loss (Or Lack Thereof) Getting You Down?

When you are trying to lose weight, it is very easy to get depressed.

Especially when you get hungry minutes after you have just eaten your maximum calories for the day.

Working out to burn more calories is not easy if you are not fit – in fact, it can be downright painful. Those of us who have carried around an extra 30 to 50 pounds on our frames already have knees that hurt and find exercises that do not cause us excruciating pain is difficult and often makes us give up before we even start.

But I have already lost 6¬†pounds since starting on the SlimRoast Coffee. My pants are starting to fit on me better – well, I had bought a pair of size 40 waist pants and they are starting to feel a little loose, so I have to cinch up my belt a little tighter. But my other pants, the size 38’s that I had been squeezing into painfully, are feeling much more comfortable.

The thing is, I had been using a stair stepper before trying the SlimRoast Coffee. I only used it when I would take the dog out – the stair stepper is in our Lanai and the dog goes out through the Lanai to get to the yard. So I was doing 5 minutes or less of stair stepping. But it was not helping. In fact, I had gained weight after a month of using it, so I knew that the extra 15 – 20 minutes of exercise per day were not enough to help me lose weight.

Weight Loss Coffee

My weight actually started dropping within days of drinking the SlimRoast coffee twice a day.

When I started using the coffee, I still did the occasional 5 minutes or less of stair stepping (I figured, it couldn’t hurt, right?). But within 4 days, I saw a 3 pound loss. Now, after a little over a week, I am 6 pounds lighter. The best part is, I am not consciously trying to eat less. I am just not hungry. Can you imagine not wanting to eat? I never believed it was possible. Now, I do set times of the day when I make myself eat something (even if it just a cup of yogurt or some peanut butter crackers). You should never stop all food intake. Keep crackers and cheese around, or fruit (or both). Make good choices when you do eat (but the beauty of this is you can eat a Big Mac or a Whopper and still be alright if you are using the coffee because your intake will still be reduced).

The recommended usage is two cups a day while you are trying to lose weight and one cup a day to maintain your weight.

Something else I have noticed about this coffee. It is very easy to share! People who try it, love it. They call me and ask me if they can buy some after they have used the samples I send them. I recommend that they become affiliates of the company and buy from themselves (it is less expensive that way and they can then share it with their friends who wonder how they lost all that weight).

If you or anyone you know is depressed about their weight, get this coffee into their hands! Either buy some or become an affiliate and give them a sample. It is too easy to take advantage of the product to make a little extra money to supplement your current income. (Actually, it is possible to totally replace your income, but only if you are serious about getting results). Use our contact form if you want us to get back to you about how you can create an entire business out of giving samples of this coffee away!

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