Valentus Is NOT The Company To Watch In 2016…

Valentus is no longer the company to watch…..But the one to join in 2016.

Our team has had a PHENOMENAL 17 months of being in existence.

And during that time, I have seen our team grow and reach into 4 countries, hundreds of team members have joined us and thousands of customers now know that our products work.

The Prevail line of functional beverages are cutting edge and state-of-the-art. Over 96% of everyone who use them see amazing results in record time.

This means people are starting to understand just how big Valentus is going to be. People are starting to “get it” and they are coming on board with us.

What did Valentus accomplish in 2015?
  • Reached 17 Months in business
  • Over 2,000% Growth this year
  • 1.7 Million units of Prevail products shipped
  • $650K in Monthly Sales
  • Thousands of Weight Loss & Better Health Stories from Around the World
We’re not here to convince anyone. Just get you the facts.

Once you do, you will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Valentus is the next powerhouse company in this industry.

Geting positioned NOW for massive growth and earnings in 2016 should now be your #1 priority.

Enjoy this message from Valentus CEO, Dave Jordan, who spoke on the last Training Call of 2015.

If you are serious about changing your finances and your health in 2016, reach out to Yvonne and me.

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