New Year New Start?

Every year, we reach the end of January with visions of what we want to accomplish over the next 11 months. Then, by the end of February, the dream is more of a wish than a plan. Why is that?

We start out with a vision that looks real, but the reality of our lives tends to cloud the vision that we created. We have to constantly revisit our vision and fuel it with positive energy to wipe away the clouds. Positive people in our lives helps us keep the clouds at bay. Ever notice how hanging around certain people makes it hard to breathe? Their negativity is so strong that it actually sucks the air out of a room. Making a change from the standpoint of who you choose to hang with can make all the difference in the world.

I always look forward to some of the business conferences I go to, simply because the people who attend are in positive nirvana. I rarely see any of the negative life suckers there. I say rarely, because you sometimes have to interact with employees of restaurants and hotels who are not always the most positive. But even they acknowledge how having a group of positive people come to town helps them feel better, too.

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