He Lost 12 Pounds In One Month

From time to time, Yvonne and I like to share the real weight loss success stories of real people. This one is truly inspiring.

Eduardo Andino Lost 12 Pounds

Hi I am Eduardo Andino and I joined Valentus approximately a month and a week ago.

I’ve had a neural spinal cord operation due to an accident.

And now I am a paraplegic therapy patient, I can’t move much, so I can’t go out and do exercise or many physical activities in general.

I started to use the SlimRoast coffee in the morning, the trim at lunch and the immune at night before going to bed, as recommended. For my joy and surprise in one month I have lost 12 pounds and 4 inches of waist. I still need to lose more weight.

But I have lost more weight in one month than I have been able to lose in a whole year on other diet plans. Thanks to the products I am able to move with a bit more ease and it has made me a bit more agile.

I can do things I could not do before.

It has been a blessing for me.

And I thank God for bringing the company’s opportunity to my life, and I thank Valentus for developing these products.

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