Gained 9 Pounds On 8 Day Cruise? No Problem!

SlimRoast Really Works!

I gained nine pounds on this cruise? I lost it in less than a week with SlimRoast Coffee!

Yvonne and I went on a Caribbean Cruise for 8 days in February to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had a lot of fun, and tasted a lot of new foods.

Unfortunately for me, I brought a lot of that food back home with me in the 9 lbs that I had gained. Part of the reason for that is a lot of sitting – we are used to doing a lot more walking. But I could have gained a lot more. On the ship, instead of drinking that super strong coffee they served, I had them bring us a couple carafes of hot water every morning and I drank SlimRoast Coffee before breakfast. It managed to curb my appetite enough to get me to eat less at each meal (but I did force myself to try more desserts than I usually have  at home). Those Tiramisu that they served (in 3 different restaurants, each was wonderfully different) were so rich, I could barely finish them. But I sure tried really hard!

Anyway, when we got home, we tread lightly on the scale and to my dismay, I had gained 9 pounds! Yvonne only gained a couple, she had a lot more self control than I did. But I was devastated. I thought to myself that I had really failed myself.

It wasn’t until I had a week to think about it that I realized that I could have gained double that. But because I was keeping myself armed with SlimRoast coffee, I did not finish most of my meals. (I just need to say no to desserts). But I continued using SlimRoast Coffee every day twice with or before breakfast when we got home. I really didn’t change anything about my daily routine from before the cruise. And when I went to the doctor’s office for a followup, my weight was actually lower than the last appointment I had before the cruise! I had dropped 10 pounds in the span of 10 days!

Your Results May Vary

You may be more active than me. You may have less weight to lose (or more). You may find you lose more weight on SlimRoast than I do. It took me over 3 months to lose 12 pounds before the cruise. After the cruise it took me 10 days. I think my metabolism is getting a little better. At any rate, I am going to lay off the multiple desserts and listen to my doctor about the carbs (he said to keep my triglycerides in check, I need to lay off the evening carbs and sweet snacks). So if I am going to have ice cream, I should have it for lunch… just kidding, eh?

But think about it. Are you at the weight you want to be?  I know I am still not there. I have another 20 to go. But now that I have seen how effective SlimRoast can be when combined with healthier eating habits, I know that I will lose those 20 pounds and buy myself a whole new wardrobe.

I will be able to afford the wardrobe, because I am telling people about this amazing coffee! If you want to lose those unwanted pounds, do yourself a favor and take 24 days to give SlimRoast a chance to work for you.

  1. Buy yourself enough SlimRoast for 24 days of 2 cups a day (two boxes will cover 24 days).
  2. Take a couple before photos (one fully clothed and one naked for your own  personal use).
  3. Record your starting weight.
  4. Drink 2 cups of SlimRoast each morning.
  5. Eat responsibly – think before eating junk food. This was one of my biggest reasons for not losing weight faster during my initial 3 months. The occasional trip to McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy’s was fighting what I was doing.
  6. Drink lots of water. I love soda. But I learned that those extra calories are actually increasing my triglycerides and my doctor wants to kick my behind when my triglycerides are too high. I avoid aspartame loaded diet sodas, too. I like seltzer water, so I drink that when I need some bubbles. But mostly I drink water (I cheat, though, because Valentus also has an energy drink mix and an immune boost drink mix that I pour into a water bottle and allows me to think I am having a naughty, sweet beverage).
  7. After 12 days, take another pair of photos and record your weight. You should be seeing a difference already.
  8. After 24 days, take more photos and record your weight.
  9. Become a SlimRoast Affiliate, because people are going to be asking you how you lost all that weight. You might as well do like me and give them this recommendation and turn them into your own customers. It really is that easy. You use the product first and then become sold on it yourself. Then, when people are basking in your glow, you tell them how you did it.

You follow those nine steps in 24 days and you will see results! Maybe not 12 pounds, your results could be better than that.

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