Everything Has Changed But Has It Really?

I went through a very rough patch starting in 2013 with the passing of my father and ending with the passing of my mother in 2015. This was one of the hardest periods in my life. I didn’t recover from it – even after the last 4 years, but I have learned to manage the loss. Thankfully, I have a family that loves me and helps me every day.

But during the years from 2013 to the present, one thing has been a constant. I drink a cup of coffee every morning when I get up. And the coffee that I have been drinking all of that time has been SlimRoast! I may be a creature of habit, but there are a few reasons why I continue to include SlimRoast Coffee in my daily morning ritual.

First of all, I like the flavor. The Italian Roast is my favorite, the rich, dark flavor of Italy takes me on a mental voyage to the land where much of the history of the world took place! I have also tried and enjoyed the Optimum Dark Roast coffee, because I can choose exactly how much to add to my cup with the easy to use measuring scoop. You should try it in hot chocolate… OMG is it delicious!

Second, the coffee really does curb my appetite. I can go through my morning without snacking, and enjoy a moderate meal for lunch without having those pesky cravings all day. With minimal exercise, I have been able to maintain my weight for the last 6 years. Prior to that, my weight was always creeping up. It was irritating to go see the doctor and step on the scale and hear the nurse say, “you’ve gained 3 pounds since last time!” But that has not been the case, in fact the last two times, the nurse asked me what I was doing to lose weight since my last visit. Of course, I told her about my coffee and gave her a sample!

Finally, I can’t help but feel good about a coffee that tastes great, helps me lose weight and earns me some money as well. This website has been earning me money during the time when I was at my lowest, and I didn’t have to talk to anyone the whole time. Can you imagine if I had been actively helping people get going with the SlimRoast Independent Representative program in addition to the company support I have been receiving all through my difficult times?

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But let’s not worry about what could have been. I have finally realized that I can heal myself by helping others realize their weight loss and income goals. Helping people is something that requires giving some of my time and knowledge to the people who are ready to receive it. I am not going to chase anyone, because that would be a negative in my life that I do not need. I am already surrounded by people who are happy to have me in their life, so why am I going to force myself into anyone else’s life?

If I have to chase someone to have them in my life, then I am using energy that I could be using on the people who are there already, right? I say this to ease the minds of those who think I am going to be one of those ruthless multilevel marketing guys who is only looking to rise to the top of my pyramid… give me a break. The only pyramids I am interested in are in Egypt.

If you are interested in coffee for flavor and /or weight loss, I am here for you. If you are interested in sharing coffee for flavor and weight loss to others as a way to earn an extra income, I am here for you. If you are looking to be the next Bernie Madoff, please look for another opportunity. I am only looking for people who love other people and are willing to give of themselves for that purpose. If you are one of those types, send me your contact info and we can talk over a cup of SlimRoast. Those who go ahead and use one of the links above and order their coffee before sending me their contact info will be placed into my priority inner circle, and I will set up one of your links in a rotation I have on a very high traffic website (I get hundreds of clicks a week on those sites). I can’t promise you that you will get rich off of the traffic that you will receive, because you will need to follow up on your leads, but if you have the motivation to get on the rotation, you also have the motivation to do what it takes to bring your own new customers into the business, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

If you use one of my links above and order an advanced pack or builder pack as your loyalty purchase, I will also place your testimonial videos on one of my websites with your link to the coffee, so that your viewers will buy the coffee from you! How is that for helping the motivated? But don’t do it if you are down to your last dollar. If you can’t keep food on the table, I don’t want you going hungry for this opportunity. It is better if you get a second job to keep the roof over your head and your family fed before spending a penny on a business. I know, I went through the phase when I thought I could build a business with an income that wasn’t enough to keep me from getting in trouble with banking fees and bouncing checks. It took a long time to realize that I needed to spread myself thinner while earning a little more before I could start using the leverage that comes with the money that you work so hard for.

I have written way more than I wanted to, I have the lawn to mow. Let’s discuss this over some coffee later in the week, OK?

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