Cold And Flu Season – And What To Do About It.

There used to be a time in my life when I would catch whatever was going around. It was especially bad when my kids were in school – they brought home the germ of the week and I usually caught it. I would miss work pretty often and it was placing my employment in jeopardy.

Eventually, the children grew up, but it seemed my coworkers who had children in school would come to work bearing gifts instead of calling in sick. It did not take long for the entire office to be sick, and we’d bring these things home with us to make the rest of the family miserable with us.

Boost your immunity!A couple years ago, I found something that I wish I had known about back in my years working at the office. It is called Immune Boost and it has greatly increased my resistance to many of today’s germs. My grandchildren often come spend time with my wife and I, and we were finding ourselves getting sick. Since we discovered Immune Boost, we rarely catch anything the grand kids bring with them to visit! We can love them all we want and not feel like crap after they go home. All we do is drink one serving of Immune Boost each day, and our immune system does the rest.

Usually, if we forget to drink our daily Immune Boost, the grandchildren come to visit with a runny nose or a cough and that reminds us to drink some. Even if I have a sore throat, if I drink an Immune Boost before the bug settles in, I fight it off within a day instead of the week long illness that would have come with the sore throat. The trick is to get the kids drinking Immune Boost when they aren’t visiting us, because they would be better able to resist the school sicknesses on a regular basis.

I can’t guarantee that Immune Boost will prevent the flu or the coronavirus, but having your immune system at maximum efficiency will definitely help you resist it better than doing nothing to boost your system.

None of the above statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any Disease. Results not typical and may vary.

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