Can Coffee Really Do That?

Have you ever gone through a day without craving those in between meal snacks at the office? Until I started drinking SlimRoast Coffee, it was a delicious nightmare. The box of donuts on the conference room table would greet me as I walked in the room, and if they had a Boston Creme, they had two less, because I would take them. Of course, I had a cup of coffee with those delightful pastries, because some misguided part of my brain believed that if I drank enough fluids with all that sugar, that it would flush it all out of my system and into the urinal. Then, when I left the conference room to go back to my desk, the receptionist’s candy dish would grab me by the hand and wouldn’t let go until I had a couple pieces in it. And that was the first hour of my work day. I wondered why I was steadily gaining a pound here and a pound there.

Do donut cravings kill your diet?
These would always jump onto a napkin and follow me to my chair in the conference room at my workplace. It was almost a ritual when I saw a box of donuts, I would pick up a napkin to provide the donuts a safe landing spot.

After SlimRoast came into my life, it became easier to walk by the donut box and the candy dish. That satisfied feeling that I had after breakfast stayed with me until after lunch, so that I could keep going without eating anything that caught my eye. I always made myself eat a small, but healthy lunch, because the home stretch from lunch to quitting time was always a tough one if you didn’t provide your body with sustenance. But if I felt cravings coming back, I could have a second cup with my lunch or at break time and make it the rest of the day without needing to snack. It really was amazing!

Today, one cup in the morning is all I need, but I also drink Immune Boost and Prevail Trim instead of sugary soft drinks throughout the day, because I love the taste and they help me maintain a healthy weight and keep me from catching the bug of the week from the grandkids. I also drink a lot of alkaline water, because our bodies need to be less acidic to fight off more dangerous diseases. But the coffee is the most important part of my day, because if I take a day off from the SlimRoast, I find myself eating more between breakfast and dinner.

So if you are struggling like I was, when other people bringing in food to the office would impact my diet, taking a stand against unnecessary snacking starts with a cup of SlimRoast Coffee. Give it a month, and see what the power of SlimRoast Coffee can do for your weight management goals!

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