About Us

Micheal & Yvonne SavoieWhen Micheal & Yvonne Savoie first heard of Valentus, neither was looking for an opportunity. They didn’t have money problems, but they did feel a lack of energy that was very real. Micheal was weighing in at 233 lbs and he knew that he needed to drop at least 25 pounds to feel better.¬†Yvonne already looked good, but she and Micheal often needed to drink Rockstar and Monster energy drinks to make it through their day. It was not uncommon for both Yvonne and Micheal to find themselves taking naps in the middle of the day.

When Chris Lamont called Micheal one afternoon, he asked Micheal if he was open to looking at new ways to earn an income and whether he knew anyone who needed to lose some weight. Micheal perked up when he heard about the SlimRoast coffee, and how it helped people curb their appetite and gave them energy almost the whole day long.

After requesting a sample of the product, Micheal didn’t think any more about this Valentus opportunity. Until the sample arrived. Then Micheal was hooked. Like a kid eying the front window of a candy store, Micheal was looking at the product line and saw dollar signs. He knew a lot of people who needed to – they complained about it every day – lose weight and increase their energy. From there, it didn’t take Micheal long to see the big picture and now Micheal is building a huge business helping people who are looking to lose weight, increase their energy and make more money.

Then, when Micheal had Yvonne try the coffee (almost two weeks later), she was hooked, too!